What is family mediation?

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is an alternative way to resolve your parenting and property dispute on relationship breakdown – without having to go to court. Its quicker, more affordable and is a well recognised dispute resolution alternative – supported by the family court.

For parenting matters, the mediation is known as Family Dispute Resolution and is compulsory (unless exceptional circumstances apply) before proceedings can be issued in a family court.

You’ll be assisted by our Principal Mediator who is impartial to the dispute.

Your mediator will not provide legal advice to you or to your ex, but helps you go through all your issues, think of your options, negotiate, and come to an agreement. The mediator is there to help you put your side of the story forward, especially if one of you is better explaining their position than the other – all in a safe and respectful environment.

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Your mediator may suggest that you and your ex-partner sit in separate rooms while the mediator ‘shuttles’ between you. This is a good option if you’d prefer not to meet the other parent face-to-face or don’t feel safe to do so.
No. You don’t need a lawyer to come with you unless your situation is complex. However, in between sessions, it can be helpful to get advice from a lawyer to check that what you are agreeing is fair to you. We work with a number of well respected Brisbane based family lawyers who offer fixed fees for this purpose.

This is different to a standard mediation because you and your ex can both hire lawyers who attend sessions with you. Your lawyers can also help with shuttle mediation.

You’ll need to consider the additional cost of a lawyer however if you select this option.

You do not need to attend compulsory family dispute resolution in parenting matters if exceptions apply. These include-

  • where there has been or there is a risk of family violence
  • where there has been or there is a risk of child abuse or
  • where the matter is extremely urgent.

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