family mediation – decision making in your hands

resolve your parenting & property dispute without going to court

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Why Mediate

Because 85% of cases settle – without going to court or big legal fees


You decide what’s best for you and your family – not a judge. Be heard, have your issues addressed, negotiate, explore options for settlement & make your own agreement.


Family mediation is affordable and you don’t always need a lawyer. Average court costs per party are $50,000 – average mediation costs per party are $2,500.


You get to resolve your dispute in a matter of days – not months. Don’t wait up to 18 months to get your dispute heard at a Brisbane family court.


Mediation is confidential unless exceptions apply. Court proceedings are in public. You can negotiate, safe in the knowledge that you can speak without repercussion.


Need a Parenting Order – you must attend family dispute resolution (mediation) unless exceptions apply. If you don’t, you could be ordered to pay your ex-partner’s legal costs.

Positive Co-Parenting

Mediation improves communication between you and your ex- partner promoting, positive co-parenting.

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What we do

Helping families like yours – with services tailored to your needs

Our Process

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About Us

We are a family law mediation practice that focuses on reducing conflict & helping you make your own decisions about the matters that mean the most – your children your property and your future.

Our mediation practice is based in Greenslopes Brisbane and was established to help separating couples reach parenting arrangements and property settlements, without the emotional and financial impact of court proceedings.

Encouraging communication, reducing conflict and achieving long – term positive outcomes for separating couples, is our key objective.

Through mediation, we can help you negotiate your own agreement with your ex-partner and even draft your agreement – either as a parenting plan or a legally binding consent order or binding financial agreement.

We have helped many families, achieve positive outcomes for their children, creating a future in which they can thrive.

Meet Our Mediator

Hi. My name is Ashma Arora. I’m a divorce lawyer and mediator, and specialise in helping couples going through separation or divorce, reach agreement about their parenting arrangements and property disputes – without going to court.

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Why Choose Us

Our principal mediator has 20 years of experience working as a family lawyer in Australia & in the UK.

Previous appointment as Civil Mediator with Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal.

Half-day mediation (3 hours ) – $750 plus GST per person
Full day mediation (6 hours) – $1,300 plus GST per person

* assumes a two-party mediation that is not by way of a shuttle mediation. No additional charge for lawyer-assisted.

We understand the emotional and financial impact that separating couples face. We aim to put you at ease from the moment you get in touch right through to settlement.
Mediations are conducted face to face, via telephone, or video conferencing.
We have established connections with counsellors, financial advisors and experienced family lawyers who can assist you through the process.

Mediations are conducted in accordance with the Practice Standards for mediators under National Mediator Accreditation Standards and
the Attorney General’s Regulation of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners Regulator Performance Framework. This ensures that you receive a quality mediation service at all times.

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