Section 60I Certificates

We can issue S 60I Certificates if you need to go to the family court and obtain a Parenting Order.

Issue of Section 60I Certificate

Where mediation is assessed as unsuitable or where you can’t reach a parenting agreement at mediation, you’ll need an S60I Certificate from an authorised Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner – so that you can make an application to the family court for a Parenting Order.

At our discretion, we can issue an S60I Certificate.

Your certificate will state one of the following reasons as to why your dispute could not proceed or did not settle.

  • The other party did not attend
  • Both parties attended and made a genuine effort to resolve the dispute
  • Both parties attended but one or both of you did not make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute
  • The FDRP/Mediator decided your case was not appropriate for Family Dispute Resolution or
  • The FDRP/Mediator decided it was not appropriate to continue partway through the family dispute resolution process

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